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A Better Audit Process for Oracle EBS

A Better Audit Process for Oracle EBS

The challenge with IT security audits is that they are a snapshot in time – showing only the current state of your environment and controls when the assessments and reports were actually run. While you may be able to prove compliance at that time, what about today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that? Well, you get the point. Things constantly change and the presence of vulnerabilities and risk can appear at any time.

Now, compound that with the complexity of an ERP system, like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), that your company relies on for many of its critical business functions and the challenge gets tougher. And, in addition to auditing your baseline security requirements, your company is also probably subjected to regulatory compliance requirements, such as SOX, PCI-DSS, GDPR and others.

We certainly know that security and compliance auditing for Oracle EBS is not easy. Whether you are responsible for internal IT audits or compliance audits, your mission is to maintain configuration and security controls to ensure your organization is effectively identifying and mitigating risk.

While you most likely have GRC and other audit tools, constantly assessing for vulnerabilities and monitoring security controls for Oracle EBS is still a manual process and often involves the help of the information security and the Oracle EBS support teams. Ideally, you need continuous controls monitoring to identify vulnerabilities and risk on an ongoing basis and not just a snapshot in time across the entire Oracle EBS technology stack. There are a lot of checklists to complete an audit and automating the process will make it repeatable and efficient

This is what we do at Onapsis. We can help you establish a better audit process for Oracle  EBS. Our Onapsis Security Platform for Oracle EBS automates vulnerability and compliance assessments for you. The solution provides independent verification and gives you visibility into Oracle EBS configurations and controls using risk-based reports and framework. You can define your security baselines or use our standard out-of-the-box compliance checks and automatically assess for violations and issues on a ongoing basis.

Additionally, the IT and information security teams will have the same audit and compliance visibility as you do – enabling them to take a more proactive and efficient approach to fixing issues to continually mitigate risk in your Oracle EBS. By running frequent scans, you will know if things go out of compliance before your next audit – allowing you to keep things in compliance.

Interested in understanding how your Oracle EBS instance holds up? Our Business Risk Illustration, a consultative security and compliance assessment, will give you that insight. We’ll quickly install our Onapsis Security Platform, which is non-invasive, in your Oracle EBS test, development or QA environment. In a matter of minutes, we’ll have results that will show you where you are vulnerable and the severity of risk. We will help you establish a better audit process for Oracle EBS.

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