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Scott Winter Senior Implementation Engineer

Scott Winter

Senior Implementation Engineer

Scott is a Senior Implementation Engineer at Onapsis. He is a Certified Technology Associate (SAP HANA 1.0, OS/DB Migrations and System Administration) with broad experience in large Fortune 1000 companies. He utilizes his 23 years of consulting experience in SAP BASIS and Security to help customers identify and remediate vulnerabilities by providing assessments and compliance audits for large enterprises running Oracle, SAP and Hana.


Automating Everyday Tasks with The Onapsis Platform Saves Costs and Frees Up Resources

During the SAP system lifecycle (installation, upgrade, maintenance), Basis Administrators must validate that system security setting, logging and parameters are configured correctly. This can be an extremely time-consuming task as the SAP landscape is not static; new configurations, programs, clients, instances and systems are constantly being added, all while system and client refreshes are occurring and impacting system settings. 
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