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Matias Sena

Matias Sena

Security Researcher

As a team leader at the Onapsis Research Labs, Matías Sena is responsible for researching security patches and vulnerabilities in SAP systems. His main tasks include creating detection rules for risk and vulnerabilities in SAP to improve the Onapsis Security Platform and enhance customers' security around their business-critical applications.

He is a systems engineer from the National University of La Matanza (UNLaM), where he worked as a researcher for the Engineering Department. Prior to joining Onapsis, he was a risk assurance consultant at one of the Big Four, working with companies in the financial industry.


Oracle October CPU: Onapsis Contributes to EBS Security by Reporting Almost 60% of the Vulnerabilities, Including Those Most Critical

One of the most important components of securing business-critical applications is to ensure the systems are always up to date with the latest security patches to reduce the risk level. Today Oracle released the last Critical Patch Update (CPU) of the year. In this CPU, Oracle stopped an increasing trend seen in the last three CPUs, where Oracle continually fixed more vulnerabilities during each new CPU. In the latest CPU, Oracle fixed 252 security vulnerabilities.

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