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Barry Snow

Barry Snow

Technical Account Manager

Barry Snow has recently transferred into our Technical Account Management team.  As a four-year member of our Professional Services Team, Barry led many of our key customers through the process of implementing, integrating, and optimizing the Onapsis Platform in their SAP Environments. Barry now takes his extensive knowledge of many of our key implementations into his new mission as the Technical Account Manager for many of those same accounts.  With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and ERP consulting, Barry brings expansive knowledge to each of his Onapsis customer engagements. Prior to Onapsis, Barry held various IT and ERP senior consulting positions with major software corporations and consulting firms.


Transaction Types and How to Automate SAP User Information System (SUIM) Queries with The Onapsis Platform

The SAP Security Admin utilizes SUIM in SAP systems manually, one SAP system/client at a time to gather this data for operational use and to report findings internally/externally to Compliance or Audit teams. This can be a time-consuming process.
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