64% of ERP Systems Have Been Breached in the Last 24 Months…

Onapsis Can Help You Determine if You Are at Risk

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Are you confident that your organization's ERP systems (SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite) are secure and compliant?

The Facts

IDC survey of 430 IT decision makers reveals 64% have reported a breach in their SAP or Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) systems in the past 24 months. Download the survey now for more information.

The Onapsis Research Labs has found that 90% of SAP systems are vulnerable to the 10KBLAZE public exploits discovered in April 2019. Learn more about 10KBLAZE here.

Four critical vulnerabilities in the Oracle Payments module announced in July 2019 leave thousands of Oracle customers at risk. Learn more in our Oracle Critical Patch Update analysis blog post.

The IDC research further suggests that ERP systems, such as SAP and Oracle EBS, are under increased attack for material data. Among companies whose ERP systems have been breached in the last 24 months, information compromised the most includes sales data (50 percent), customer personally identifiable information (41 percent), intellectual property (36 percent), and financial data (34 percent). Respondents ranked financial and sales data as the two most critical types of compromised data.

Onapsis can help you determine if you are at risk.

Assess Your ERP System
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The Onapsis Business Risk Illustration is a complimentary assessment of your SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite systems to discover where risks and attack surfaces exist within your environment. Onapsis delivers a detailed report of existing vulnerabilities and IT controls deficiencies highlighting the business impact including exploit potential and compliance violations.

The Risk Assessment
Toolkit Includes:

  • Onapsis Business Risk Illustration program details and how to get started
  • A checklist of questions every organization needs to ask when building a security and compliance strategy for ERP systems  
  • Consultation to determine if you would like a risk assessment of your SAP and Oracle EBS systems