Cyber resilience is a necessity, not an option. With internal and external threats on the rise, you need the confidence to continually protect the core of your business: your SAP® and Oracle® E-Business Suite (EBS) systems. Only Onapsis provides proven protection for the business-critical application layer with actionable insight, secure change, continuous monitoring and automated governance to prioritize risk, streamline compliance and secure your business.

Your Core Concerns Are Real

Business-critical applications form the core of your operation and they’re increasingly at risk. A 2018 alert from the Department of Homeland Security highlighted this issue in response to research showing a 100% increase in public exploits of SAP and Oracle EBS applications since 2015. A malicious attack on your ERP systems could have devastating consequences.

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The Onapsis Solution

the Core

Onapsis protects the business-critical applications at your core from both internal misuse and external attacks. With visibility into both SAP and Oracle EBS environments, including threats and vulnerabilities, you can prioritize remediation efforts and reduce the attack surface. You can also perform code- and system-level vulnerability assessments, continuously monitor system health, mitigate risk and streamline compliance. And only Onapsis provides access to a dedicated security research team looking for SAP and Oracle zero-day threats to keep you forearmed.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Protect SAP and Oracle EBS systems
Only Onapsis protects both SAP and Oracle EBS systems in one platform.

Gain visibility into ERP application risks and vulnerabilities
You can perform code- and system-level vulnerability assessments to understand and prioritize risk.

Reduce the ERP attack surface
By preventing and blocking misconfiguration and unauthorized changes, you can minimize the ERP attack surface.

Accelerate key digital transformation initiatives
With Onapsis, security concerns are no longer roadblocks to business-building digital transformation.

Detect malicious activity or misuse
Onapsis alerts you to suspicious activity so you can mount a swift response.

Align and collaborate with cross-functional teams
Because everyone has access to Onapsis tools, security, IT, compliance and audit professionals can work in concert for greater effectiveness.

Support on-premises and cloud ERP environments
Onapsis is equally effective at securing the core, whether it’s located in your data center or in the cloud.

Support DevSecOps by integrating security in your development process
You can ensure your developers build application and infrastructure security into their work from the start.

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Onapsis offers a complimentary assessment of your SAP, Oracle and Salesforce business applications to discover where risks and attack surfaces exist within your environment, including business impact, exploit potential, and compliance violations.



Inspect, control and secure SAP NetWeaver®, ABAP®, J2EE, SAP HANA® and S/4HANA® platforms to ensure stability and performance. Continuously monitor your SAP infrastructure whether on-prem or in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

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Automate monitoring and protection to gain visibility into blind spots and get actionable information to keep these systems compliant and protected from cyber threats. Supports on-premise and in the cloud deployments.

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Custom-coded cloud extensions can create new attack surfaces. Our solutions monitor and secure SAP SaaS applications—such as SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, FieldGlass, S/4HANA, C/4HANA and others—from initial development through production.

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Onapsis addresses your chief concerns

A proactive solution for the CISO

The last thing you want is to be blindsided by a newly discovered vulnerability or be slow to respond to malicious attacks on the core systems you have worked so hard to protect. Onapsis gives you the tools to increase your application cyber resilience, keeping you ahead of risk and empowering you to respond more swiftly and effectively.

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CIO peace of mind 

The top priority of the IT organization includes supporting critical business processes with reliable applications. You must work together with the CISO to ensure that SAP and Oracle EBS systems are protected to provide maximum uptime. With visibility into your security risk posture, Onapsis helps you align cross-functionally to meet the demands of the business.

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Securing the Core of Your Business

Prevent costly downtime

With so much riding on your ERP systems, you can’t leave anything to chance. Onapsis empowers you to spot vulnerabilities and address risk with actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring and automated compliance to protect your core and keep operations performing at their best.

Protect the money

From banks to brokerages, this sector is one of the most targeted sectors for cyber crime, as internal and external threats can dramatically impact the credibility, integrity and finances of the institution. Onapsis protects the core of your financial technology—your ERP systems—to keep you secure and compliant.

Keep systems secure and productive

Cyber resilience does more than strengthen security. It also strengthens your business by helping core systems remain functional and productive. Onapsis lets you be more vigilant and proactive in protecting your core.

Security is your number one priority

Any compromise to your core systems can have devastating consequences. With Onapsis, you can take the necessary steps to keeping public and government data secure from malicious attacks.

Keep the trust of your customers

High-profile security breaches have cost retailers millions of dollars and jeopardized customer loyalty. Onapsis helps you protect core systems and your hard-earned brand reputation.


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Prevent application downtime and costly business disruption

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Eliminate resource consuming manual audit processes

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Reduce vulnerabilities and misconfiguration to protect the business

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