There are many great reasons to migrate your business-critical applications to the cloud—lower capital and maintenance expenses, easy scalability, better support for mobility and more. Onapsis delivers what you need to make the move with confidence. Visibility, security and speed. By providing insights throughout deployment, accelerating cloud migration and securing your systems in the cloud, Onapsis supports your cloud migration and digital transformation.

Are Security Concerns Keeping You From the Cloud?

Going from on-premises systems to the cloud could mean losing access to security telemetry data from next-generation firewalls, identity access management and web gateways. This means you’re left blind to code vulnerabilities, drifts in configuration, internal and external threats, and privacy and compliance violations.

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The Onapsis Solution

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Onapsis supports cyber resilience as you move to the cloud by preparing you for potential cyberattacks, compliance audits, code quality reviews and change management operations. Systems are better protected than they were on-premises because you get deeper visibility into your ERP landscape, continuous monitoring and automated governance.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Visibility from core to cloud
Onapsis gives you the security and compliance visibility you need from the start of your migration project to when you go live in the cloud.

Native integration with all major cloud platforms
By working with all major cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, G-Cloud, SAP® Cloud and Oracle® Cloud, Onapsis functions seamlessly with fast-growing technologies and supports your freedom of choice.

Near real-time detection of malicious activity and misuse
Onapsis ensures that you remain responsive to security risks in the cloud.

Streamlined compliance and automated reporting
With Onapsis, your cloud solutions remain efficiently compliant.

Alignment and collaboration with cross-functional teams
Your cybersecurity, IT, compliance and audit professionals can team up to share intelligence, monitor threats, and automate policy and risk governance.

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Onapsis offers a complimentary assessment of your SAP, Oracle and Salesforce business applications to discover where risks and attack surfaces exist within your environment, including business impact, exploit potential, and compliance violations.



Inspect, control and secure SAP NetWeaver®, ABAP®, J2EE, SAP HANA® and S/4HANA® platforms to ensure stability and performance. Continuously monitor your SAP infrastructure whether on-prem or in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

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Automate monitoring and protection to gain visibility into blind spots and get actionable information to keep these systems compliant and protected from cyber threats. Supports on-premise and in the cloud deployments.

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Custom-coded cloud extensions can create new attack surfaces. Our solutions monitor and secure SAP SaaS applications—such as SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, FieldGlass, S/4HANA, C/4HANA and others—from initial development through production.

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Onapsis brings it all together

For CIOs, innovation and security are now compatible

If you have security concerns regarding your cloud migration strategy, Onapsis provides the cyber resilience you need. Move forward with confidence knowing that your business-critical applications are as well protected in the cloud, as they were on-premises.

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A proactive solution for the CISO

The last thing you want is to be blindsided by a newly discovered vulnerability or be slow to respond to malicious attacks on the core systems you have worked so hard to protect. Onapsis gives you the tools to increase your application cyber resilience, keeping you ahead of risk and empowering you to respond more swiftly and effectively.

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Your industry is cleared to cloud

Prepare for greater flexibility and scalability

Gain the freedom to leverage the cloud to scale your business at will. Onapsis ensures that your production, operational and supply-chain solutions are as secure in the cloud as in your data center.

Reduce financial risk

Migrating to the cloud can put your financials in uncharted territory. Onapsis gives you visibility into the security and compliance of your ERP systems before, during and after your cloud migration, ensuring you stay protected.

Migrate to the cloud with less risk

More than most industries, you need ironclad security protection. Onapsis enables you to move critical systems from the data center to the cloud without sacrificing protection or compliance.

Get the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing control

Onapsis gives you the actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring and automated governance you need to keep public data secure in the cloud.

Become lean, agile and innovative while staying secure

In a fast-changing retail industry, the cloud can lower your capital and maintenance costs while allowing you to adapt quickly to change. Onapsis frees you to gain those benefits while still maintaining awareness and security.


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