Accelerate Migration to the Cloud by Preparing your Mission-Critical Applications 

Security, compliance and configuration issues can hinder cloud migrations and put your mission-critical applications at risk. Ensuring the quality and stability of your ERP systems, including code and fixing identified security or compliance issues before you begin the migration process can significantly reduce project timelines and budget and help avoid operational disruptions.

Only Onapsis gets you cloud-ready by providing the visibility and intelligence capabilities you need to find and fix these issues early, when it is generally easier and less expensive, maintain that posture through migration and stay protected once you’re operating in the cloud.

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Are security concerns keeping you from the cloud?

Internal teams, not your cloud provider, are responsible for the security of applications and data in the cloud and whether associated policies and configurations are in line with your compliance requirements. You need visibility into your cloud environment and tools to assess your systems, code and configurations for vulnerabilities and other threats that put your core applications at risk.

  • 59% of enterprises believe security is a barrier to moving ERP to the cloud
  • Nearly three-quarters of cloud data migration projects are not completed on time
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The Onapsis Solution

Cloud with Confidence with The Onapsis Platform

Onapsis gets your mission-critical applications “cloud-ready” by automating code reviews and vulnerability/configuration assessments and providing remediation guidance to fix issues before you migrate. By assessing security and compliance early in the process, you can remediate legacy issues before they become difficult and costly and maintain that posture through each stage of the migration. Once in the cloud, Onapsis helps you secure your core applications by delivering real-time visibility and alerts on security vulnerabilities, code issues, compliance deviations and configuration drift.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Accelerate cloud readiness 
Automate code security reviews, configuration policy management and vulnerability assessment and prioritization

Reduce migration project costs 
Identify and address code and system configuration issues and vulnerabilities before migrating, decreasing high costs of fixing in later stages

Protect applications and data in the cloud
Continuous monitoring, visibility after migration is complete and near real-time detection of malicious activity or misuse protect you after migration is complete

Prevent configuration drift
Lock down configuration parameters to ensure systems remain secure and compliant during and after migration

Alignment and collaboration with cross-functional teams
Your cybersecurity, IT, compliance and audit professionals can team up to share intelligence, monitor threats, and automate policy and risk governance

Streamlined compliance and automated reporting
Ensure your security controls are safeguarding financial, customer and corporate data and maintaining your compliance posture

Support DevSecOps 
Build and check against security, compliance, and code quality baselines at every stage of the development life cycle

Onapsis Supports The Major Cloud Platforms and Private Clouds

By working with all major cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, G-Cloud, SAP® Cloud, Oracle® Cloud, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, and private cloud deployments, Onapsis functions seamlessly with fast-growing technologies and supports your freedom of choice.

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Get Help with Your Cloud Migration from an Onapsis Partner

Preparing for a cloud migration?

We have partners that can help. Onapsis works with the leading system integrators and managed security service providers to secure and prepare your mission-critical applications for the cloud.

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Onapsis brings it all together

For CIOs, innovation and security are now compatible

If you have security concerns regarding your cloud migration strategy, Onapsis provides the cyber resilience you need. Move forward with confidence knowing that your business-critical applications are as well protected in the cloud, as they were on-premises.

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A proactive solution for the CISO

The last thing you want is to be blindsided by a newly discovered vulnerability or be slow to respond to malicious attacks on the core systems you have worked so hard to protect. Onapsis gives you the tools to increase your application cyber resilience, keeping you ahead of risk and empowering you to respond more swiftly and effectively.

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The Onapsis Platform provides compliance and audit teams the visibility and automated reporting capabilities they need to ensure ERP systems remain compliant before, during and after migrating to the cloud.

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Your industry is cleared to cloud

Prepare for greater flexibility and scalability

Gain the freedom to leverage the cloud to scale your business at will. Onapsis ensures that your production, operational and supply-chain solutions are as secure in the cloud as in your data center.

Reduce financial risk

Migrating to the cloud can put your financials in uncharted territory. Onapsis gives you visibility into the security and compliance of your ERP systems before, during and after your cloud migration, ensuring you stay protected.

Migrate to the cloud with less risk

More than most industries, you need ironclad security protection. Onapsis enables you to move critical systems from the data center to the cloud without sacrificing protection or compliance.

Get the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing control

Onapsis gives you the actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring and automated governance you need to keep public data secure in the cloud.

Become lean, agile and innovative while staying secure

In a fast-changing retail industry, the cloud can lower your capital and maintenance costs while allowing you to adapt quickly to change. Onapsis frees you to gain those benefits while still maintaining awareness and security.


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