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5 Steps to Successful Setup of Trusted RFC

Configuring connections between SAP systems to prevent attacks

With the necessity of having Trusted RFC relationships between SAP systems, these connections play an important role in your entire organization. To avoid misconfigurations and prevent cyberattacks, they should be checked periodically, whether they are used for GRC or not. Are your Trusted RFC configured securely?

This webinar session will cover:

  • Introduction to RFC connections and SAP GRC;
  • Understanding the high priority SAP Security Note #2413716;
  • Deep dive into the required configuration changes to secure Trusted RFC in different landscapes, with and without GRC;
  • An introduction to how OSP could help you

Meet the Speaker

Matias Sena

Product Research Lead

As one of the team leaders of Onapsis Research Labs, Matías Sena is responsible for researching security patches and vulnerabilities in SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite. Among his main tasks, he creates detection rules for risk and vulnerabilities in SAP, in order to improve the Onapsis Security Platform offering to enhance customers' security around their business-critical applications.

He is a systems engineer from the National University of La Matanza (UNLaM), where he worked as a researcher for the Engineering Department. Prior to joining Onapsis, he was a risk assurance consultant at one of the Big Four, working with companies in the financial industry.

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