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Bridge the Gap

How to Speak SAP Cybersecurity to Internal Audit, IT Security, and Application Security

Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 Time: 12PM ET

Properly securing critical SAP applications relies on the communication of 3 key SAP security stakeholders: Internal audit, which defines the controls relevant to the business; IT security, which doesn’t typically have extensive SAP knowledge; and SAP security, which usually follows the traditional approach of segregation of duties and critical authorizations.

Attend this session to:
  • Learn how to bridge the gap and set the right objectives for all teams involved in securing SAP applications
  • Get insights to create an SAP cybersecurity governance plan
  • Understand the standards and regulations that might help you support your SAP cybersecurity efforts
  • Learn to properly address SAP application security in a holistic way


Juan Pablo Perez-Etchegoyen

CTO and Co-founder

JP leads the research & development team that keeps Onapsis on the cutting-edge of the Business-Critical Application Security market. He is responsible for the design, research and development of Onapsis’s innovative software solutions and helps manage the development of new products as well as the SAP cybersecurity research that has garnered critical acclaim for the Onapsis Research Labs.

He is regularly invited to speak and host trainings at global industry conferences including Blackhat, HackInTheBox, Troopers, and SAP TechEd/DCODE.

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