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Into the Breach

The Hidden Secret Behind ERP Attacks

It seems like everyday there is another high profile breach in the news that details customer records lost, compliance failures and bad cybersecurity hygiene. Do you ever wonder where these records are maintained in the organization or what applications were exposed?

It’s the ERP system, of course!

We often focus on protecting the endpoints that lead to our sensitive company data, but the one place where all of this information lives is the ERP, which is why so many large-scale breaches involve critical ERP systems.

We will cover the biggest trends that the Onapsis Research Labs sees when performing post-breach forensics for major companies. Join us for insights on:

  • The biggest trends we’ve taken away from performing post-breach forensics
  • Actionable strategies for preventing ERP breaches
  • Immediate steps for recovery in the event of a large-scale ERP breach

With Live Q&A after!


JP Perez-Etchegoyen

Onapsis Co-founder and CTO

JP leads the research & development team that keeps Onapsis on the cutting-edge of the Business-Critical Application Security market. He is responsible for the design, research and development of Onapsis’s innovative software solutions and helps manage the development of new products as well as the SAP cybersecurity research that has garnered critical acclaim for the Onapsis Research Labs.

He is regularly invited to speak and host trainings at global industry conferences including Blackhat, HackInTheBox, Troopers, and SAP TechEd/DCODE.

About The Onapsis Research Labs
The Onapsis Research Labs provides the industry's leading intelligence on security threats affecting SAP and Oracle systems. Our experts combine in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver technical analysis with business context, and provide sound security judgment to the market. Working closely with SAP and Oracle product security teams to responsibly deliver the information to customers, the Labs delivers blog posts, white papers and webcasts to share the latest research on securing these business-critical applications.

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