SAP & Onapsis Webinar: Log4j Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Strategies to Protect Your SAP Applications

Proving business-critical application security not only takes next-level solutions, it also takes thought leadership. Here you'll find a growing library of materials to help you build your business-critical application security strategy and drive your company forward, confidently.


Secure The Core with Onapsis Security Platform

In 20 minutes, learn how OSP can help you build a proactive strategy for detecting, identifying and mitigating security risks, compliance gaps and cyberattacks on business applications.


End SOX Audit Fatigue with Automation

Duration: 1 hour
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Live on 06/19/2019

If you work for a public company, you know the pain of preparing for the quarterly SOX audit.

Oracle Compliance

White Paper

A Security-by-Design Approach to Protecting Your Business-Critical Applications

Attacks against ERP systems have seen a rise in the recent decade and traditional security approaches don’t do enough to secure the ERP layer. This white paper reviews the challenges organizations face when securing these business-critical applications and how to implement a successful security program.

Oracle Security , SAP Security

White Paper

ERP Security and Compliance: Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

This white paper discusses the approach publicly traded companies should be taking to secure their ERP systems and maintain regulatory compliance in regard to SOX. Organizations can define an automated, repeatable method for continually improving and maintaining security and compliance requirements with The Onapsis Platform.

Oracle Compliance , SAP Compliance

White Paper

The Secure Transformation to HANA®

As many organizations make the move to HANA, whether on-premises or in the cloud, it's imperative to consider how cybersecurity plays a role in the migration's success. We created this guide to assist those using the SAP Activate methodology during their transformation and supported each phase with a security component.

SAP Compliance , SAP Security


Onapsis Appoints Gerhard Eschelbeck to Board

Onapsis has announced the appointment of former Google Vice President of Security & Privacy Engineering (CISO) Gerhard Eschelbeck to the company’s board of directors.


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