Proving business-critical application security not only takes next-level solutions, it also takes thought leadership. Here you'll find a growing library of materials to help you build your business-critical application security strategy and drive your company forward, confidently.


Oracle PAYDAY Vulnerabilities threat report

Oracle PAYDAY vulnerabilities put thousands of organizations at risk. These unmitigated vulnerabilities can lead to cybersecurity risks; financial theft, fraud and business disruption.

Case Study

Onapsis Case Study: Advertising Company

This billion dollar advertising company used Onapsis to enable their migration of SAP ECC to HANA by ensuring security and compliance, resulting in a more stable system.

Case Study

Onapsis Case Study: Automobile Manufacturer

This large automobile manufacturer worked with Onapsis to expand their cybersecurity program to include SAP systems and ensure they were optimized to stay secure and online.


Defend by Onapsis

Continuous threat monitoring for business-critical SAP applications. Customizable research-based alerts, descriptions of root cause, and remediation guidance accelerate analysis and incident response.

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Control by Onapsis

Business-critical applications and platforms such as SAP® and Oracle® EBS are highly customized to meet the operational business requirements of enterprise operational teams such as finance, supply-chain management and human resources. As process and workflows evolve, so must these applications. But change creates risk—risk of extended downtime, risk of system stability, risk of exposure to new vulnerabilities and risk of compliance violations.

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