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About Onapsis 

Onapsis protects the business-critical applications that run the global economy, from the core to the cloud. The company’s cybersecurity and compliance solution offering, The Onapsis Platform, uniquely delivers vulnerability management, threat detection and response, change assurance, and continuous compliance for applications from leading vendors such as SAP, Oracle, and other SaaS platforms. 

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Onapsis has offices in Heidelberg, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and proudly serves more than 300 of the world’s leading brands. Customers include 20% of the Fortune 100, 6 of the top 10 automotive companies, 5 of the top 10 chemical companies, 4 of the top 10 technology companies and 3 of the top 10 oil and gas companies.

The Onapsis Platform is powered by the Onapsis Research Labs, the team responsible for the discovery and mitigation of more than 800 zero-day vulnerabilities in business-critical applications. The reach of our threat research and platform is broadened through leading consulting and audit firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, PwC and KPMG—making Onapsis solutions the standard in helping organizations protect their cloud, hybrid and on-premises business-critical information and processes. To learn more, connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or visit

About 1DigitalTrust 

1DigitalTrust is a Nordic consultancy firm with a core focus on trust.

As trusted advisors to large Nordic corporations operating on the SAP platform, we provide comprehensive services that enhance trustworthiness among our clients’ customers and business partners.

Headquartered in the Nordic, we have deep experience in SAP built on Compliance, Cyber security, and Data Privacy. This extensive expertise enables us to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. With a deep understanding of numerous industries and a wealth of experience across diverse projects and client types, we thrive in both the boardroom and the server.

Whether working alongside executives or technical teams, we consistently prioritize delivering high- quality services that add significant business value to our customers. At 1Digitaltrust, trust is not just a buzzword; it is the foundation of our business. We are dedicated to fostering trust among our clients, their customers, and their business partners. Through our specialized services and profound knowledge of the SAP platform, we help our clients establish and maintain trust, enabling them to strengthen their market position and drive sustainable growth.

Our commitment to trust extends beyond the boundaries of our consultancy. We firmly believe in transparency and accountability, which is why we strive to deliver exceptional results while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

By prioritizing trust and consistently delivering value, we aim to be the preferred partner for Nordic corporations seeking to elevate their business operations and build enduring relationships with their stakeholders.