Automatically find security, compliance, and quality issues in ABAP, HANA and Fiori applications

Code is an integral part of SAP systems and poorly written or outdated code can have disastrous effects on application performance, security and compliance. Unfortunately, the volume of custom code in each SAP system—millions of lines on average—makes finding and fixing these issues extremely difficult. Manual reviews are insufficient, time consuming and prone to human error. Adding to this is the increasing reliance on outside developers. How can organizations validate third-party code before bringing it into their environment?

This situation results in undetected security vulnerabilities that leave the SAP landscape open to attack. Poor code quality can also negatively impact the performance, availability and stability of the system. In both cases, the late discovery of errors, or missing them entirely, will result in significant costs for the company in the form of reputation damage, data loss, compliance violations, project delays, rework and more. Onapsis solves this problem with custom code analysis designed specifically for SAP systems, allowing organizations to identify and fix code issues before negative consequences arise.

  • Average SAP system contains two million lines of custom code

  • 1.1 critical security issues per 1,000 lines of custom code

  • 1.1 critical performance issues per 1,000 lines of custom code

  • 4.6 critical robustness issues per 1,000 lines of custom code

Get Clean and Stay Clean with Onapsis Code Analysis

Onapsis has made ensuring security, compliance and quality of mission-critical applications its goal and addresses code as a fundamental component. With code analysis from Onapsis, you can check the security and quality of custom code in the shortest possible time, comprehensively and with the ability to automate scanning. If used in a continuous integration process throughout the software development lifecycle, code analysis identifies and prevents  code vulnerabilities and quality issues from degrading security, compliance or performance.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Support DevSecOps
Seamlessly integrate code analysis into various phases of the development lifecycle and build security and compliance in from the start

Streamline Remediation Efforts
While programming new code, developers receive instant, interactive feedback and vulnerabilities are flagged immediately along with proposed corrections

Analyze Multiple Programming Languages
Onapsis code analysis covers ABAP, SAPUI5 (Fiori), XSJS and SQLScript


Validate Third-Party Code and Add-On’s
Assess the security and quality of code and applications developed by third parties (e.g., consulting projects and offshore development)

Accelerate Application Delivery and Reduce Remediation Costs
Automating security, compliance and quality checks allows you to find code issues early when they are easier and less expensive to fix

Integrate with Existing Development Environments & Processes
Onapsis integrates with SAP development environments (e.g., SAP HANA Studio, Eclipse, SAP Web IDE, SAP ABAP development workbench) and change management processes (e.g., SAP ChaRM)


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