En Onapsis, no solo somos líderes de soluciones, también somos líderes de pensamiento. Aquí encontrará una creciente biblioteca de materiales para ayudarlo a desarrollar su estrategia de ciberesiliencia. Con mayor claridad sobre la seguridad y el cumplimiento de las aplicaciones esenciales para el negocio podrá fomentar mejor y con confianza el desarrollo de su empresa.

Hear from Khaja Ahmed, Head of Global Product and Application Security at SAP, and Onapsis General Manager of Product and Technology, Anshuman Kanwar, discuss the challenges and strategies companies have for protecting their mission-critical applications to maintain business success.
Solution Briefs
Find quality, security and compliance issues in ABAP, SAPUI5 (FIORI), XSJS and SQLSCRIPT. Learn how Onapsis can help.
Solution Briefs
Avoid import errors, business outages, downgrades, security vulnerabilities and compliance violations by inspecting all transports before import. Learn how Onapsis can help.
White Papers
A two part implementation document to help organizations securely migrate to and operate ERP applications in the cloud
Hear from Preston Futrell, leader of the Global Business Services organization at IBM, as he discusses how they help customers develop their SAP implementations as they migrate to the cloud and how working with Onapsis enables them to assure that security is included.

This SAP Security In-depth attempts to fully introduce and explain the concept of Switchable Authorization Checks. How it works, why it’s important and how to implement a Switchable Authorization Checks SAP Security Note.

Solution Briefs
An unauthenticated attack exploiting a misconfiguration or vulnerability in your mission-critical applications, which many organizations use to manage supply chains with their partners, could allow malicious actors to manipulate underlying data without touching user applications or leaving an audit trail, violating DFARS.
Solution Briefs
The EU GDPR regulation requires companies to protect any personal data that is stored in their systems, from both theft and manipulation. Hackers could target a misconfiguration or vulnerability in the company’s mission-critical applications, and gain access to this data without using business applications or leaving an audit trail, violating GDPR.
Solution Briefs
An unauthenticated attack targeting a misconfiguration or vulnerability in your mission-critical applications could let hackers manipulate underlying financial data without touching financial applications or leaving an audit trail, violating ICFR and SOX.
Solution Briefs
Strong cybersecurity thwarts the manipulation of transactions used to disguise illicit payments and other actions that can compromise compliance. Read how cybersecurity plays a role in avoiding the violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and preventive steps your organization can take.
Join our new webinar format. Q-Talks for CFOs only last 15 minutes. Reza our Chief Innovation Officer and moderator invites various experts to discuss high level CFO topics.
An overview of the first half of 2020, including funding, customer numbers and threat research stats.

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Examine la postura de seguridad y la exposición al riesgo de sus aplicaciones críticas para el negocio a fin de determinar el impacto potencial de un ataque cibernético en su organización.

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