Vulnerability Management

You Have Unaddressed Risk in Your Most Important Assets

Business applications, like ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle, are increasingly under attack. Sophisticated threat actors are directly targeting the application layer, frequently using exploit chaining to transform even minor vulnerabilities into significantly larger incidents.

The increasing complexity of application landscapes and growing backlog of critical patches combined with under-resourced teams have left organizations struggling to address this risk. Many organizations lack the systems visibility, threat research, and business context they need to identify and prioritize critical vulnerabilities and understand the true attack surface of their ERP application landscape.

What Do You Need to Successfully Address This Risk?

A strong vulnerability management program is the first step in addressing ERP application security and minimizing your attack surface. Unfortunately, even the best vulnerability management programs are poorly supported by legacy vulnerability assessment technology used by InfoSec teams. To understand and act on the true risk to your most important assets, you need the following:

5 Reasons Why You Need Vulnerability Management for Your SAP Applications
Market Conditions of the Last Year Have Accelerated the Pace of Digital Transformation
The Shift to the Cloud Leaves SAP Applications Vulnerable
SAP Applications Are Increasingly at Risk From Bad Actors
Existing Defense-in-Depth Strategy Deployments Insufficiently Protect the SAP Application Layer
Even the Best Teams Are Challenged to Do More With Less

It’s Time to Eliminate the Cybersecurity Blind Spot Around Your Most Important Assets.

Build a Better ERP Vulnerability Management Program with Onapsis.

Only Onapsis provides visibility and proven protection for the business-critical application layer in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments. So you can identify and understand risk, prioritize remediation, respond immediately to new threats, meet compliance and reduce the overall attack surface.

Powered by research and insights from the Onapsis Research Labs, Onapsis Assess uniquely provides the visibility and context both InfoSec and IT teams need to quickly act on critical vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to the business.

  • Gain prioritized visibility into application vulnerabilities
  • Understand true risk and business impact across complex ERP landscapes
  • Prioritize and accelerate remediation with step-by-step solutions

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