Cybersecurity for Industrial Chemicals

Your SAP applications are everything – protect your business with Onapsis

Securing complex SAP material production and supply chain systems and the important data within, while you transform your business with SAP S/4HANA, can be complex without the right partner.

When any failure brings about compliance challenges, loss of IP, and production downtime, SAP security is a must have from the start.

Opt for Onapsis – the market leader for ERP security – securing nearly 30% of the global Forbes 100.

Onapsis provides your information security teams with deep visibility into your complex landscape to better understand which systems are most vulnerable and how to mitigate risk. You can count on 24/7 zero-day threat monitoring to ensure critical IP and data is protected while providing industry-leading application security testing and transport monitoring to ensure no new risk is introduced during your digital transformation.

Most standard SAP tools fail to secure the application layer or provide robust threat intelligence. Not here. At Onapsis, we secure your critical SAP applications and protect them using data-driven insights. Onapsis Research Labs – the world’s leading SAP threat intel team and the only cybersecurity vendor endorsed by SAP.

Onapsis is the Only SAP-Endorsed App in Chemicals for Cybersecurity and Compliance

How Onapsis Secures Operators Across the Industrial Chemicals Sector

Our industrial chemical industry customers are now able to:

Protect ERP applications and code before, during, and after an S/4HANA, SAP RISE, or cloud migration so security doesn’t have to be a blocker to project completion.

Rely on Onapsis to guide users with insights and direction from Onapsis Research Labs experts.

Ensure that SAP code from digitization projects is secure, bug-free, and not vulnerable to direct or indirect attack when connecting to technology platforms across the supply chain.

Secure both on-premises and cloud ERP applications from one dashboard and connect into the SOC stack and processes.

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