Do YOU Know What YOUR Security Responsibilities Are Under RISE? We do

SAP landscape complexity creates big security challenges. Moving to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) as part of the RISE with SAP program offers a clean slate opportunity for organizations. As part of RISE with SAP, customers benefit from high-caliber, secure cloud infrastructure and various security services managed by SAP. However, it’s important to remember that SAP will not cover all security for your RISE with SAP deployment.

Don’t forget your responsibilities under the Shared Security Model. With an expanding attack surface for SAP, it’s more important than ever to ensure you are protecting your most critical SAP systems. Don’t let lack of knowledge, gaps in experience, or negligence of your half of SAP security required under RISE set your company up for larger security and compliance financial costs later.

Let Onapsis Help You Navigate Your Security Responsibilities under RISE with Minimal Effort and Cost

Like all cloud offerings, RISE with SAP splits security ownership between the cloud provider – in this case, SAP – and you, the cloud customer. While this may vary from customer to customer, in general, SAP is responsible for security of the cloud, and you own security for what goes into the cloud.

RISE with SAP: Shared Responsibility Model Examples

SAP: Security OF the Cloud

OS and cloud platform maintenance, backup, and availability.

Manage their technical support users who have minimal access to applications and data.

Owns immediate patching of most critical “HotNews” Security Notes. Patching for non-HotNews Security Notes is handled by support requests based on predetermined patching windows.

24/7 security monitoring of the cloud platform.

Compliance for the platform provided.

You: Security IN the Cloud

Quality and security of all migrated or new code, transports, and change management.

Manage all other users (including 3rd party access from GSIs or contractors), levels of authorization and access, and what they do with your data.

Owns determining which “non-HotNews” Security Notes (i.e., High, Medium, Low) that SAP should prioritize and apply as well as when.

Security audit logging and any related issues.

Compliance for the organization, including data, users, access, business processes, etc.

As you can see above, you and your organization ultimately bear responsibility for what goes into your RISE with SAP landscape as well as who accesses it and what they do with that access. Therefore, it’s essential that you maintain control over all phases of SAP application security – from Application Development to Application Testing and Change Management to Application Protection (when in production).
If you’re successful in doing so, you’ll reap some appealing financial benefits:

  • Spreading security throughout all phases will reduce the financial burden on InfoSec, freeing them up to focus on other value-generating. activities
  • Your digital transformation projects will be more likely to finish on time, securely, and within budget, due to the elimination of time-draining security issues requiring repetitive work.
  • Eliminating vulnerabilities that cause expensive downtime of critical systems earlier in development will drastically reduce your project costs.

RISE with SAP + Onapsis Is a Winning Combination for Customers

Designed to make ERP security frictionless, Onapsis delivers an award-winning, full application security suite, powered by the market-leading threat intelligence of the Onapsis Research Labs and 14+ years of ERP security expertise across thousands of security engagements. The Onapsis Platform shines a light on the full RISE with SAP attack surface to help organizations worldwide better understand risk, protect their most critical systems, respond rapidly to threats, and keep their business-critical applications and digital transformation projects running smoothly.

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The Challenge

Application Development teams take shortcuts and write bad ABAP or HANA code.

The Solution

Control secures code as developers work, including in SAP BTP, eliminating errors and vulnerabilities.

The Challenge

Quality Assurance (QA) and manual code reviews miss the security vulnerabilities in code.

The Solution

Control helps QA scan all new and migrated code alone or in bulk for security issues before transport.

The Challenge

Bad code from both internal and external teams goes through change management without the proper controls.

The Solution

Control for Transports scans code and constructs transports to stop bad code from being deployed to production.

The Challenge

Ensuring SAP is configured securely with the correct user access and authorization levels.

The Solution

Assess easily detects security misconfigurations and user mis authorizations and helps prioritize remediation.

The Challenge

Hard to know which new/missing “non-HotNews” Security Notes should be escalated to and prioritized first by SAP support.

The Solution

Assess scans your attack surface and uses ORL threat intel and AI to help you prioritize the right Security Notes for SAP.

The Challenge

Security audit logging and tracking all authorized user activity can be very challenging for organizations.

The Solution

Defend monitors user activity and alerts you to security audit log issues or anomalous behavior.

The Challenge

Evolving threats make it harder to detect and mitigate malicious external and internal threat activity.

The Solution

Defend monitors for real-time attacks and provides pre-patch protection from zero-days before Security Notes are available and applied.

The Challenge

Your teams are spending way too many hours on compliance activities instead of value-generating work.

The Solution

Comply does the heavy lifting for audit evidence collection, saving valuable time for teams.

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Let Onapsis Alleviate the Burden of Your Shared Responsibilities in RISE

Spend less time validating security and more time driving value for your organization. Minimize enterprise risk, eliminate code security errors that cause production issues, and cut your security and audit compliance costs considerably.

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