Automated Application Security Testing for Business Applications

Accelerate and Secure Development with Automated Application Security Testing Built for SAP

Application exploits are a top attack vector for enterprises, leading organizations to increasingly invest in application security testing and build security testing earlier into the development cycle, to harden their applications against attack. However SAP DevSecOps is complex. 

Onapsis research has found that the average customer’s SAP system contains two million lines of custom code, and a potential issue within every thousand lines. This means businesses are developing code that contains hundreds of thousands of errors, potentially resulting in costly downtime and disruption to their business. It is critical for organizations to quickly and automatically identify these errors early in the development cycle, before they reach production, to secure their business-critical applications.

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Unfortunately there is a lack of application security testing software specific to SAP. This has led many organizations to either overlook implementing security in their development process and risk exposure or use ineffective manual efforts which are costly. Manual code testing is a lengthy, expensive process and is challenging because it is highly prone to human error and labor intensive. 

Applications that support critical lines of business need to be updated, and kept up and running, at the speed of business.

Unaddressed code and transport issues can lead to production issues in SAP applications that can disrupt operations.

Application development must be done securely, and quickly. Third-party developed code is often leveraged to develop at the speed of business.

The inability to gain visibility into third-party developed code means critical issues can potentially be introduced into production.

Secure development needs to happen at the speed of business and the lack of application security testing tools built for SAP applications often results in time-consuming, manual code review cycles.

Manual reviews can interfere with project timelines and lead to missed vulnerabilities in code.

Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual security reviews with automated application security testing designed for SAP

Onapsis Control provides automated application security testing for SAP applications and automatic remediation for common code errors, enabling organizations to build security into development processes to find and fix issues as quickly as possible.

  • Identify and mitigate risk 
  • Build security into development 
  • Improve application security 
  • Reduce time and cost to develop
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What is application security testing?


While many organizations employ defense-in-depth security models to protect their critical systems, not enough consideration is given to the security of the code used to build the applications. An exploit of a vulnerability at the code level can allow an attacker to execute a wide range of malicious activities, including impacting supply chains and manufacturing processes, or compromising sensitive data.

Speed is the driving force behind application development. However, releasing or updating applications in record time often comes at the cost of security in development. As companies innovate and digitize operations, this brings new ways to exploit vulnerable applications.

Why You Need Application Security Testing for Business Applications:

Balance Security With the Speed of Development for Digital Transformations

Eliminate Blind Spots When Working With Contractors and Third-Party Developers

Keep Your Code Clean
Identify and Correct Errors in Developmen

Understand Potential Issues Regarding Data and Security Audit Compliance

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