Avoid import errors, business outages, security vulnerabilities and compliance violations by inspecting all transports before import.

Transports are an essential part of an SAP environment, used to bring changes from one system to another to implement new features, apply updates and install third-party applications. The change management process for SAP cannot exist without transports, but you must exercise caution. Some changes can create problems if left unchecked, such as the ability to modify roles or authorizations and give access to unsanctioned users, manipulate and expose data, execute code during import, introduce security vulnerabilities into production systems, trigger import errors or downgrades that require costly fixes and even delete entire production systems.

Despite the risk of unchecked transports, many organizations rely on a “hope for the best” approach when it comes to transport quality and security, releasing and importing with the assumption that everything will be fine. Manually reviewing the content of each transport is not an option given the sheer volume of data involved and would require extensive internal expertise to be able to identify all risks. Fortunately, there is a better way—with Onapsis transport inspection, organizations can automatically scan transports for security, compliance and quality issues before they are released and continually monitor the transport queue for new threats. 

  • 250 transports are triggered each month on average

  • A major release for large companies can involve over 3,000 transports

  • A single import error costs over $50,000 per system per year to fix on average

Prevent Data Manipulation, Application Downgrades and Business Disruption with Onapsis Transport Inspection

Onapsis gives you control over your transports by analyzing for errors and harmful content before they are released—whether that is intentional spying or data manipulation, or poor coding and configuration that could lead to import errors or system downtime. This process integrates seamlessly into existing transport management processes (e.g., SAP Transport Management System, SAP ChaRM and many external transport management solutions), with the ability to trigger scans anytime someone tries to do a release or import one or multiple transports. The results will then be pulled directly into the SAP Transport Management System user interface or SAP ChaRM or any other Transport Management solution.

Automatic blocking of bad transports and actionable remediation guidance enable development teams to fix issues before SAP system quality, security and compliance are impacted. In addition, you can continually monitor the transport queue for harmful content that could lead to data loss or security and compliance risks. 

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Avoid Outages and Ensure System Stability
Inspect and validate all transports and third-party updates prior to deploying; avoid changes that would result in import errors, downgrades or other quality issues

Protect Data, Enforce Corporate & Regulatory Policies
Monitor and prevent security violations or unauthorized critical system changes that could lead to data loss or configuration changes that violate compliance

Improve Change Management Processes 
Gain insight into transport impact before deployment and remediate issues before they are imported into production to avoid costly and resource-intensive import errors by simulating the import into the target systems

Support DevSecOps
Build transport inspection into your application development process to assess for security and compliance issues before progressing to the next system

Validate Third-party Transports
 Assess the security and quality of transports provided by third parties before importing into any of the SAP systems

Accelerate Application Delivery and Reduce Remediation Costs
Automating security, compliance and quality checks allows you to find transport issues early when they are easier and less expensive to fix


Integrate with Existing Environments & Processes
Onapsis integrates with SAP change and transport management processes (e.g., SAP ChaRM and Transport Management System |LS|TMS|RS|)

Reduce Need for Test Systems and Manual Transport Validation
No longer need to expand the system landscape with additional systems just to test if the transport would work, saving significant costs and overhead

The Hidden Cost of Transport Errors

Here are some figures based on hundreds of Onapsis customers that highlight the hidden costs associated with transport errors (note: these figures are for one system). Specifically, we are focusing on the average number of transport requests, requests with import errors and resources (time and cost) associated with fixing each error. As you can see, the work involved with fixing these errors quickly adds up; it’s clear that preventing these issues in the first place could save significant time and money. Also worth noting is that these figures do not include the costs of potential business outages, late release of new business functionality or bad reputation from a public exploit, which could be significantly higher.  

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