Onapsis for Oracle
E-Business Suite

Keeping the Oracle® E-Business Suite (EBS) and your business-critical applications available is your top priority, yet constant change and digital readiness initiatives expose you to risks of downtime, cyber threats and compliance violations.

The Onapsis Platform for Oracle EBS provides an effective and efficient solution to align IT, security and compliance teams by automating manual tasks and streamlining processes required to maximize availability and keep you protected and compliant.

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Vulnerability Management

Onapsis delivers actionable intelligence, so development and security teams can quickly and easily discover, assess, prioritize and eliminate application vulnerabilities:

Discovery: Native system-level analysis creates inventories of Oracle EBS systems to guide interactive discovery and system profiling.

Prioritization: Proactive identification and measurement of exposure to vulnerabilities and exploits within Oracle EBS applications help prioritize patching by identifying risks and compliance requirements failures.

Remediation: Open tickets and remediate system vulnerabilities with "one click” based on holistic machine analysis of assessment reports.

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Automated Compliance Testing

Onapsis enables automated governance so compliance, IT and Oracle EBS Admin teams can effectively collaborate and ensure their critical Oracle applications and sensitive data are safe and compliant.

Compliance: Record, log and audit activity for regulatory compliance reporting such as GDRP and SOX mandates, and simplify internal and external audit and investigation data collection.

Policies: Define your compliance policies and customize them to meet your specific compliance and audit requirements.

Audit: Schedule and automate the continuous assessment of your Oracle EBS environments against policies to proactively measure risk and stay ahead of the audit cycle.

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Powered by
the Onapsis
Research Labs

The Onapsis Research Labs is a team of cybersecurity experts who combine in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver security insights and threat intel affecting business-critical applications from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and others.

Onapsis proactively updates its products with the latest threat intelligence and other security guidance from the Onapsis Research Labs. This provides customers with more comprehensive coverage, including early alerts, improved configurations and pre-patch protection ahead of scheduled vendor updates. The ongoing discoveries from the Onapsis Research Labs keeps The Onapsis Platform ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

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