Onapsis Research Labs:
April 2023 Patch Tuesday Threat Briefing

Speakers: JP Perez-Etchegoyen, CTO and Head of Onapsis Research Labs


The threat intelligence and impactful research from The Onapsis Research Labs power the security responses of the largest ERP vendors. To date, the Labs have discovered and mitigated well over 1,000 vulnerabilities and zero-day threats over the years - far and away the most by any threat intelligence group. 

Over the past few months, the Onapsis Research Labs has continued our close working relationship with SAP and their Product Security Research Team (PSRT) as we helped investigate and remediate a family of vulnerabilities in SAP business applications. The SAP PSRT response has been rapid and comprehensive, demonstrating their continued commitment to protecting all SAP customers in partnership with Onapsis.

In this briefing the Onapsis Research Labs will cover this family of vulnerabilities and provide our insights and security recommendations for you and your team.