ERP Security Threats in 2022

A Look Back on 2022 & How to Prepare for 2023

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Hear from Onapsis CEO & Co-founder Mariano Nunez on the state of ERP security throughout 2022 and the importance of protecting your SAP applications.

As we look back at the past year, business applications, like enterprise resource planning (ERP applications), have been targeted more than ever before. Data breaches, ransomware and hacks have become the norm, making the traditional security perimeter no longer sufficient. As the cybersecurity landscape shifts significantly over 2022  organizations have to consider whether their existing cybersecurity measures are sufficient to face a changing threat landscape.

With the complexity of systems and applications in this ecosystem working together, in combination with threat actors taking advantage of exploits, SAP systems are being targeted at a rapid rate.

To address these challenges, organizations must ensure that their IT, security, and SAP teams are prioritizing security of SAP applications with threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and application security testing to prevent security incidents.

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Check out the most popular webinars in 2022 and hear from industry leaders, like CISA, SAP, DOW Chemical, and KPMG on the evolution of ERP security threats to stay ahead of and prepare for future threats. 



Critical ICMAD Vulnerabilities: Who Is at Risk & How to Protect Your Business-Critical SAP Applications

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CISA Findings with SAP
SAP, CISA and Onapsis covers the latest developments in the Threat Landscape for SAP business-critical applications.

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Digital Transformation
with KPMG

Avoiding Security Roadblocks to SAP S/4HANA Migrations

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Aligning Your Business to the NIST Security Framework

Aligning Your Business to the
NIST Security Framework

The NIST framework provides a strong foundational strategy to protect SAP environments see how your application layer protection aligns to these best practices.

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Dow Chemical
Customer Spotlight

Learn their journey utilizing The Onapsis Platform and how they solve challenges–bringing their cybersecurity and compliance functions together.

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A Look Back at the 2022
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