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A New Onapsis Pilot Program: Flexible Fridays

A New Onapsis Pilot Program: Flexible Fridays

May kicks off Mental Health Awareness Month, but mental health and wellness is a priority for Onapsis all year round. As part of our wellness program, we’ve introduced ‘Flexible Fridays’, a new pilot initiative with the intention to offer greater flexibility, help mitigate meeting fatigue, and support work/life balance. Flexible Fridays include two key components: No internal meetings on Friday afternoons and the opportunity to start the weekend early to recharge with family and friends.

So, what are our Onas doing during their Flexible Fridays?

Marty Hoffman, Senior Sales Executive

“I have six weeks to go until I become a first time father of a baby girl. These Fridays have given me the opportunity to prepare for this! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be using Flexible Fridays for doing more baby stuff and spending time with my girlfriend, who is now on maternity leave. The Flexible Friday shorter working week shows that it is not only possible to work less and still be as (or even more) productive, but that progressive change is possible too, especially in a high paced environment.” 

Paige Roderick, Senior Revenue Marketing Specialist 

“Flexible Fridays have given me the opportunity to to spend extra time with my family, get organized, and be outside as the weather starts to get nicer. Flexible Fridays, to me, means the difference between the quick 5 PM transition from “work brain” to “weekend brain” to having some much needed downtime after a busy week. I’m so grateful to work for a company that understands the importance of work/life balance and makes adjustments to support our ever-changing work environment.”   

Aliki Kalpaxis, Senior Financial Analyst

“Thanks to Flexible Fridays, I was able to beat the traffic and head to New Hampshire early for ski weekends.” 

Will Frascarelli, Senior Manager, Company Enablement

“Flexible Fridays take some getting used to. The first week was a challenge for me. But, now I am front-loading work requirements and planning so I can do something valuable for others with my time off. This time off will give me the opportunity to provide support to Community Servings in Jamaica Plain, MA. Community Servings provides medically-tailored meals to individuals with illnesses and now I have the time to put one of my hobbies, cooking, to good use.”

Lean Daney, IT Project Manager

“To ensure I am using my Flexible Fridays, I mentioned this benefit to my wife. Every week, she comes to my desk at 1 PM and looks at me while tapping her watch, forcing me to take a break from the computer. Last Friday, we had lunch at a fancy restaurant while she requested I fix the shower pipe, now that I have the time! Flexible Fridays means that Onapsis is looking after me and is a strong message to take the time to relax, connect with family, and recharge for another great year.” 

Olga Empson, Program Management

“I’ve been practicing some self-care on Flexible Fridays, like getting a mani/pedi and going out to lunch with a friend. My plan is to try to do something for myself while my husband is at work and my kids are at school. It’s been great for my mental health and my mood has changed for the better. I smile big every Friday morning!”

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