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Replace your manual security reviews with automated application security testing designed for SAP

17 November 2022 | 9:00 AM CET

We all know today's ongoing business acceleration is the main driver for Digital Transformation. As a result, increasing business demands for more and faster code development in SAP and limiting or completely removing Security Code Review tasks.

Is my code secure? Have I put my entire company at risk just with my developed code? Is my security team able to continuously monitor & prevent attacks at application level?

Few facts: Did you know enterprises have, on average, two million lines of custom code that may have existing security, compliance and quality issues. Did you know for each 1000 lines of code you have an average of 1.1 critical security vulnerabilities. 79% in today’s businesses do not build security features into their application development.

 Attend this session to gain insights into:

  • Enable visibility into all SAP custom code development
  • How to stabilize your Code by Automating your Security Processes:
  • Ensure that accelerated development cycles don’t lead to vulnerabilities within custom code
  • Empower your team to reduce time spent on security reviews and remediation
  • Prevent critical issues from getting into production systems

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Jonathan Cooper
Senior Sales Engineer

Jonathan is a pre-sales advisor at Onapsis who offer mission critical application security, compliance, and resiliency. His background started initially in Finance and spans over 20 years with SAP across supply chain management, Business Intelligence, S/4HANA and data protection/security.