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Die Sicherheit von geschäftskritischen Anwendung ist dynamisch, und es gibt ständig neue Entwicklungen. In unserem Blog finden Sie Empfehlungen, Einblicke und Beobachtungen zu den neuesten Nachrichten für die Sicherung Ihrer SAP®-, Oracle®- und Salesforce-Anwendungen.

Jumpstart Your SAP Security with Onapsis Assess Baseline

Jumpstart Your SAP Security With Onapsis Assess Baseline

Business-critical applications are ubiquitous and support the essential functions and processes in global organizations, such as supply chain controls and flows, manufacturing processes, financial transactions, and human capital management. According to data from SAP, over 87% of total global commerce flows through SAP systems, so it’s fair to say that these business-critical applications power the world’s economy. We all know how important these applications are to the business, but securing them, however, continues to present challenges for organizations. Unfortunately, with research showing threat actors increasingly targeting the application layer, the security need has never been more important.

The increasing complexity and size of application environments, heavy customization of individual apps, and growing backlogs of patches have left organizations with a longer list and greater variety of vulnerabilities to identify, understand, and act on. The exposure and risk of exploitation at the application layer is much higher now due to internal digital transformation initiatives, with many critical applications moving to the cloud, connecting to third-parties, or becoming publicly accessible. Externally, organizations face significant risks from growing ransomware attacks on critical systems and the looming threats of cyberwarfare. 

This combination of more vulnerabilities, more threats, and more exposure means organizations need strong vulnerability management programs around their business-critical applications. However, traditional vulnerability management tools don’t adequately support these complex ERP environments with the granularity needed to effectively secure them from malicious threat actors. This forces teams to rely on manual efforts, when they are already under-resourced and stretched thin with various other projects. Alternatively, they simply may not have the security expertise in these business-critical SAP applications, for example, to best understand how and where to start. Either way, it inevitably leads to an environment full of unaddressed risk and open attack vectors in the most important assets in the organization.

Now is the time for organizations to re-evaluate how they secure their most critical applications to ensure their businesses keep running. With over a decade of experience in leading the charge in securing the business-critical applications that power the global economy, Onapsis has been on the frontlines of defending organizations from these threats and risks to business-critical applications. Our teams - from the award-winning Onapsis Research Labs to our internal product and implementation teams to our external partners and systems integrators - are here to help global organizations with the right technology and expertise to more easily, more quickly, and more completely protect what matters most.

Get Up and Running Easier and Faster

Attackers aren’t waiting. Can you afford to? To help organizations move more quickly and confidently to protect the critical applications powering their business, Onapsis is proud to announce a new offering designed to jumpstart the SAP vulnerability management process. Onapsis Assess Baseline is an easy-to-deploy, highly-targeted offering that focuses on the vulnerabilities aligned with the SAP Security Baseline, which is SAP’s recommended set of minimum security requirements for an organization’s SAP systems. Assess Baseline enables companies of any size to accelerate deployment and time-to-value by starting with a core, targeted set of vulnerabilities on their journey to ensure cybersecurity, compliance, and availability of their SAP applications before taking on a larger scope.  

One Platform to Secure Them All

The Onapsis Platform secures the critical SAP applications that keep global businesses running. The platform is purpose-built to deliver continuous vulnerability management, advanced threat detection, custom code inspection, and automated compliance that enables intelligent enterprises to accelerate business and application-specific transformation initiatives. Onapsis’ platform is informed by the latest threat intelligence from the Onapsis Research Labs, a group of dedicated researchers that have discovered more than 800 zero-day vulnerabilities and been responsible for multiple critical global CERT alerts. 

Backed by The World’s Leading SAP Threat Research Team

Onapsis is the only business-critical application security company that automatically updates its products with the latest threat intelligence and security guidance from a dedicated security research team. This empowers our customers with advanced notifications on critical issues, more comprehensive coverage than vendor notes alone, improved configurations, and pre-patch protection ahead of scheduled vendor updates. The ongoing discoveries from the Onapsis Research Labs keeps The Onapsis Platform ahead of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Leading Expertise

Onapsis’s in-house team of experts is dedicated to our customers’ success, wherever you are in your business-application security journey. Let our experts leverage their decades of SAP and security expertise to help your organization secure what matters most today and establish a strategic plan for a more secure future state aligned to leading practices and industry-recognized standards. Learn more about our new offering.