What is CRM?

Customer relationship management applications revolutionize the way marketing, sales and service teams support every step of the digital customer journey and are powerful, vital tools for modern organizations.

A unified, dynamic customer profile from every data source across the enterprise can provide the insights you need to better understand, connect with and serve your customers. By tracking everything related to your customers and making it instantly accessible, CRM applications empower you to more easily build deeper trust and loyalty, fulfill your brand promise, and grow revenue while accelerating your company’s transformation to a customer-centric enterprise.

Why You Need a CRM Cybersecurity Strategy

CRM applications are accessible via the internet. That makes them an easy target for threat actors and remote attacks.

CRM applications are a gateway to business processes

CRM applications are not only reachable from the internet, but also highly interconnected. By using CRM as a point of entry, attackers could acquire high privileges and ultimately cause a significant impact to the business from a data breach, risk and compliance perspective.

Sabotaged CRM processes can put your business at risk

From campaigns to leads to contracts, CRM applications process all client-related data. Can you imagine the impact that revised contract terms or deleted orders would have on customer relations? When you consider the nature of information stored in this application, any breach or act of sabotage could result in lawsuits or irreparable harm to your brand’s reputation and customer trust.

CRM data is a ripe target for industrial espionage

CRM data can contain everything from financial records to client details, to intellectual property. It can provide an in-depth understanding of a company’s sales cycles, pipelines, wins and losses, prices, and sales forecasts. If that data were to fall into the hands of a competitor, it could be devastating to your competitive position in the marketplace.

CRM data is subject to privacy regulations

Data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, VCDPA, CPA, and HIPAA, place strict requirements on the way businesses collect, store and manage personal data. Spurred by rising privacy concerns, more data protection legislation is almost a certainty. With steep fines imposed for non-compliance and customer trust on the line, protecting your customers’ data is essential to your business.

One Platform

Multiple Challenges Solved

Cybersecurity leaders turn to Onapsis to secure and streamline compliance for business-building SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce CRM apps—on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Understand your ERP environment. Graphical view of systems and their interconnectivity provides insight into applications—their primary usage and processes, and the key informational assets they manage.
  • Identify and understand risk. Automated assessments identify application-layer vulnerabilities, system-level misconfigurations, custom code issues, authorization issues, and missing patches.
  • Reduce the attack surface. Continuous monitoring of system health provides direct visibility into misconfigurations or unauthorized changes that can lead to security, compliance, or availability issues.
  • Accelerate risk mitigation and remediation. Continuous monitoring detects internal and external threats as well as changes, transactions, and user activity that introduce risk or impact compliance.
  • Respond immediately to new threats. Integration with SIEM tools delivers real-time alerts of potential new risks or evidence of exploits.
  • Prioritize remediation based on business risk. Detailed alarm notifications include in-depth threat intelligence, explanation of business risk, and attack success probabilities.
  • Integrate security into your development processes. Automated scanning, enforced approval workflows, and integrations with development environments enable a shift left approach to DevSecOps.
  • Reduce the manual effort within change management processes. Automated code analysis quickly identifies security, compliance, and quality issues before they can cause problems.
  • Ensure application stability, availability, and performance. Analysis and review of custom code captures issues that could put your organization at risk of attack, non-compliance, or application downtime.
  • Understand business impact and prioritize risk. Identified issues are tagged with severity, business impact, and steps to remediate.
  • Reduce the manual burden of ensuring compliance. Automated and repeatable compliance reporting and audit process provides efficiencies and frees up valuable resources.
  • Maintain a state of continuous compliance. Automated testing and validation of IT controls enforces policies, ensures compliance, and accelerates audit readiness.
  • Track risk and compliance posture. Customizable graphs allow you to see how vulnerabilities and risk affect compliance and assess how your risk and compliance posture is trending over time.

Only Onapsis protects SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce in one platform.

The Onapsis Platform delivers a near real-time preventive, detective, and corrective approach for securing SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications, whether deployed on-premises, or in a public, private, or hybrid cloud. No matter where your CRM apps are located, we provide the visibility, intelligence, and speed you need to secure your core.

Integrate directly with key enterprise ecosystems
The Onapsis Platform integrates with SIEMs, development environments, change management solutions, governance risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, and ticketing services to bring Onapsis intelligence into your existing workflows.

Align and collaborate with cross-functional teams
The Onapsis Platform allows security, IT, compliance, and audit teams to work collaboratively and ensure optimal performance, security, and compliance of the business-critical applications that run your business.

Keep up to date on the latest threats
Only Onapsis provides access to a dedicated security research team, the Onapsis Research Labs, looking for SAP and Oracle zero-day threats to keep you up to date on the latest vulnerabilities affecting these systems.

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