Secure Your SAP Applications Against Modern Ransomware

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Ransomware continues to prey on software vulnerabilities as a primary attack vector.

Over the past year, it seems that everywhere you turn, there’s another story about a debilitating ransomware attack on the business-critical systems that power our global economy. From fuel and energy companies to food processing corporations, no industry is immune. As threat actors target essential and larger organizations for increasing ransom values, it’s clear that traditional security strategies aren’t enough to protect today’s businesses.

Unpatched SAP Applications Pose a Significant Risk 

As enterprises think about ransomware attack preparedness and response, it’s imperative to consider all potential entry points — not just endpoint protection. As reported by Onapsis and SAP last year, unpatched business-critical SAP applications are increasingly targeted by sophisticated and knowledgeable threat actors. The Onapsis Research Labs found evidence of hundreds of hands-on-keyboard sessions targeting vulnerable SAP systems, including examples of threat actors living off the land, chaining multiple vulnerabilities together, and even applying patches, post-exploitation, to cover their tracks.

Steps to Prevent and Respond to Ransomware Attacks on SAP Applications

As reports of enterprise-level ransomware attacks populate the headlines, customers of both SAP and Onapsis have inquired around guidance and best practices to prepare and protect their business-critical SAP applications. This document summarizes steps you can take today to protect SAP systems and mitigate this very real threat. The white paper covers:

  • The SAP application vulnerabilities most commonly exploited by threat actors
  • 10 preventive controls to consider as part of a ransomware security strategy
  • The 4 stages of responding to a ransomware attack

How to Secure Business-Critical SAP Applications Against Modern Ransomware

In this on-demand fireside chat, Richard Puckett, CISO of SAP, and Mariano Nuñez, CEO of Onapsis, talk about today’s sophisticated and dynamic ransomware attacks and the key actions, best practices, and controls you should implement to mitigate your business’s risk. Watch the session for a better understanding of:

  • The emerging, hyper-targeted threat tactics SAP and Onapsis are observing 
  • How to prepare for a ransomware attack
  • Best practices around business continuity and incident response 
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“Most of the threat vectors that lead to ransomware are about exploiting known vulnerabilities. It’s not something new that a vendor didn't know about. It’s exploiting that gap between when the patch is available and when organizations can actually effectively implement that patch.” 

— Onapsis Research Labs


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