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Chemical Company Accelerates Delivery and Reduces Cost with Onapsis

Chemical Company Accelerates Delivery and Reduces Cost with Onapsis

A large chemical company relies on SAP® to support their mission-critical applications. Maintaining and optimizing these applications is critically important to business operations, but the organization struggled to implement these changes without impacting system performance or introducing security or compliance problems. As a result, they were encountering delays and unexpected costs due to remediation efforts and rework. 

The organization knew they had to optimize their change management processes if they wanted to avoid these issues and enhance application delivery. Two key areas for improvement were transports and custom code, which both play essential roles in SAP change management. Transports are an essential part of an SAP environment, used to bring changes from one system to another to implement new features, apply updates and install third-party applications. The change management process for SAP cannot exist without transports, but can create problems if left unchecked. Similarly, code is an integral part of SAP systems and poorly written or outdated code can have disastrous effects on application performance, security and compliance. 

For this organization, manual code reviews proved insufficient, being both time-consuming and error-prone, while also requiring extensive employee knowledge of best practices. They had no reliable method for checking transports before release; instead relying on the assumption that they would go back and fix any issues that arose after the fact. To solve these problems, the chemical company sought a solution that could be built into their existing processes to assess custom code and transports before they were released. This way, issues could be found and fixed early when they are easier and less expensive to fix, and before they could negatively impact performance, system stability, security or compliance.

The chemical company found their ideal solution with Onapsis and a two-fold approach that addresses two of the biggest threat vectors for the security and performance of mission-critical SAP applications—custom code and transports. With Onapsis, the organization can automatically check their custom code and transports before they are released throughout the application development lifecycle. “Onapsis helps us address two of the biggest trouble areas in our change management processes—custom code and transports. A third-party solution for analyzing these that integrates into SAP ChaRM allows us to get things right the first time and avoid costly rework and manual analyses. With Onapsis, we can be more confident that the changes we’re making aren’t going to cause disruptions or performance issues and address security and compliance at the same time. It’s a win for everyone,” noted the Security Architecture Manager. 

Learn how this multinational chemical company built Onapsis security, quality and compliance checks into their SAP change management processes to accelerate application delivery time and reduce costs.