Brilliant. Leading. Unique. Exceptional.

Providing a technology solution is what we do and being Brilliant, Leading, Unique and Exceptional is who we are. 

Onapsis recognizes the importance of our customers and views you as an extension of our community and a part of our family.

We call ourselves “The Tribe” in tribute to our Argentinean roots. We take our name Onapsis from the Onas, an ancient, hardy, nomadic tribe indigenous to the Patagonian region of southern Argentina. Like the ancient Onas, we are proud people who work together as a team and rely on other members of The Tribe to help us succeed.

As part of “The Tribe” and a token of our appreciation we have created a custom gift pulling items from our foundational heritage, German acquisition and Boston headquarters. Thank you for being part of our Tribe.

If you prefer to have Onapsis donate to charity on your behalf as part of our OnaCares Charitable Giving program, you have the opportunity to choose one of the charities below. Some of the organizations that we support include; The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 50Legs, Feeding America and UNICEF. Each of these organizations touches the lives of Onas in different ways. It is our hope and goal to inspire those around us to help us make an impact, one act of kindness at a time.

As a token of our appreciation for your continuous commitment please provide your shipping address or complete the form.



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