As the Vice President of Business Application Cybersecurity at Onapsis, one of Jason’s greatest passions is information security, but as a Texas resident, closely behind that fall his other joys—cigars, bourbon and BBQ. Check out his Frugé-ology series below where he discusses the importance of securing your ERP systems, his favorite custom bourbons, a good cigar and some tasty BBQ.

Episode 1

Welcome to our first episode of Frugé-ology with Onapsis Vice President of Business Application Cybersecurity, Jason Frugé! Jason will discuss custom whiskey and custom security plans for your organization.

Episode 2 

In our second episode of Frugé-ology with Jason Frugé, we'll discuss how to prepare your cigars... and your cybersecurity strategy.

Episode 3 

Much like the language of food, in order to become an influential CISO, you must be able to speak the language of your business.

Download Jason's Universal BBQ Sauce recipe here

Episode 4

As major security projects begin to heat up again, take a moment to check out episode four of Frugé-ology with Jason Fruge! Watch to get some tips on bringing back to life frozen BBQ, and your digital transformation projects.

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Episode 5

In this special 4th of July episode, Jason shows us how to quickly prepare a brisket for holiday company and talks about how important it is for an executive to constantly be learning and adapting to new ideas and changes in an organization.


Episode 6

In this episode of Frugé-ology Jason discusses flaws you can find in your cigars, as well as flaws and vulnerabilities in your security plan.


Episode 7

Join Jason Frugé for episode five of Frugé-ology where he discusses whiskey tasting and incident response planning. Learn more about the RECON vulnerability

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Episode 8

We're kicking off today's episode by discussing how to test your incident response plan while Jason explains how to cook the perfect ribeye steak.


Episode 9

Jason's first Linkedin Live! If you didn't get a chance to see him live, re-watch it here as he prepares a delicious brisket -with additional footage of the final product- and some infosec knowledge!

Episode 10

Jason shows how to cook the best turkey on the table for Thanksgiving! Learn more about our Onapsis Cares program that gives back to our communities.


Episode 11

Join Jason Frugé below for this episode of Frugé-ology where he shows you how to recreate The Spirit of Frugé-ology Future while discussing 2021 cybersecurity trends.


Episode 12

This week, we're discussing cigar and whiskey pairings and an #SAP vulnerability that could leave your most mission-critical applications at risk.