Determine your current security and risk posture with an Onapsis Business Risk Illustration.

An Onapsis BRI, or assessment, frames the business risk of an ERP cyberattack and the impact that it can have on your organization.

Gain visibility into your SAP® and Oracle® applications by scheduling a BRI with us today.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand your SAP or Oracle landscape, its primary usage and processes and the key informational assets it manages
  • Identify existing vulnerabilities and attack surfaces
  • Review and analyze scan results
  • Correlate results of found vulnerabilities to your organizations' corporate risk posture to determine top risks to the business
  • Receive recommendations for security coverage


  • Detailed summary report of all existing vulnerabilities found in scanned SAP or Oracle systems
  • Breakdown of how each found vulnerability can be leveraged by an attacker to access scanned systems
  • Impact to business per vulnerability if exploited
  • Remediation suggestions
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