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Downtime for a critical system that has human impact is not an option. Compliance, heavy scrutiny, and increasingly connected and critical SAP systems can make things all the more challenging for electric & utilities organizations.

That is why SAP security is a must have, not a nice to have as Onapsis CEO and Co-founder, Mariano Nunez, discusses in this video:

Onapsis is the market leader for SAP security & secures nearly 30% of the Global Forbes 100.

Onapsis provides your InfoSec and SAP teams with threat intelligence focused on the biggest threats to your SAP systems and visibility into critical vulnerabilities to help better manage risk across their SAP attack surface–from on premises to the cloud. Continuous threat monitoring and pre-patch zero-day protection ensures critical systems are secure 24/7.

Unlike native SAP tools that focus on segregation of duties and lack real threat intelligence, Onapsis secures the SAP application layer with security insights and technology powered by the Onapsis Research Labs–the world's leading ERP threat intelligence team.

Our electric & utilities clients struggled with these cybersecurity challenges before partnering with Onapsis:

Controlling costs

Controlling cost and schedule of digital transformation projects to modernize access to data, assets, and systems for utility customers and employees

Resource constraints

Resource constraints–rising costs, revenue caps, and workforce shortages

Compliance–heavy regulations and critical infrastructure designation means more oversight

Lack of visibility and monitoring of threats

Lack of visibility and monitoring of threats for ERP system applications along with lack of ERP system knowledge and integration with SOC tools

Understanding criticality and business issues

Understanding criticality and business issues impacted by ERP systems and ability to take action

support digital supply chains

Business continuity–heavy financial losses and bad optics if there is disruption of service

Our utilities industry customers are now able to:


Gain deep visibility into risks and vulnerabilities in existing ERP applications to facilitate effective cloud migration projects and truly understand threats and vulnerabilities affecting code


Align security controls to compliance and regulatory frameworks, streamlining audits while being compliant and reducing costs


Take advantage of the most up-to-the-minute threat research and guidance, integrating with existing security tools, so your team can scale and do more with less


Automate compliance processes and reduce the burden on your team during your audit process

Ready to build your business case?

Using Onapsis Assess, one of our utility customers was able to achieve: 

reduction in mean time to remediate (MTTR)

less time spent
on patching

reduction in
investigation time

saved per month on their vulnerability management efforts

Utilities OG&E: Fireside Chat
Utilities OG&E: Fireside Chat

Hear from Oklahoma’s largest electric utility, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OGE Energy Corp), on how they have approached their security holistically, taking familiar security best practices and implementing them at both the OT & IT level.

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ERP Security for Utility Companies
Solution Brief: ERP Security for Utility Companies

For utility companies, the impact of a successful cyber attack on their critical ERP, production and supply chain, or patient portals could be devastating.

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