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Die Sicherheit von geschäftskritischen Anwendung ist dynamisch, und es gibt ständig neue Entwicklungen. In unserem Blog finden Sie Empfehlungen, Einblicke und Beobachtungen zu den neuesten Nachrichten für die Sicherung Ihrer SAP®-, Oracle®- und Salesforce-Anwendungen.

Secure The Core Webinar Series: Register Now!

Secure The Core Webinar Series: Register Now!

We’re more than halfway through our Secure The Core Webinar Series and now is the perfect time to register to take advantage of our last two sessions, or watch any of our past webinars on-demand. Mission-critical applications are vital to the health and success of your business operations, and uniquely vulnerable to threats. Our webinar series will help you learn how to protect these necessary applications by enhancing your existing cybersecurity strategy. 

Our upcoming sessions include…

Cybersecurity In Transition

As cybersecurity evolves, it becomes exceedingly complex and difficult to get a grip on it. With constant innovation in software and hardware, mobile devices, cloud computing and more, the risk of new vulnerabilities is on the rise. In this webinar session, led by Onapsis Chief Innovation Officer Reza Mehman, we will focus on the state of cybersecurity as it stands today, and where it is heading in the near and distant future. Register now.

Tales From a CISO: Lessons from a 20 Year Career

Onapsis Vice President of Business Application Cybersecurity, Jason Fruge, has over 20 years of infosec experience. From his time as CISO at Fossil to his IT leadership experience, Jason knows how to stay relevant within your organization and building the right team. In this session, we will cover how to increase your longevity as an active executive security leader, how to customize your security program and building the right team. Register now
Keeping your organization safe and secure has never been more relevant. Register now to make sure you are protecting your mission-critical application. 

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