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GDPR and SAP: Will it Affect You and What Steps You Can Take Now

At Onapsis we recognize that information security means more than just protecting your business-critical applications from possible invaders. Worldwide, we see cybersecurity regulations maturing, leading to added pressure for companies to stay compliant. It is clear that, apart from the obvious technical component, the legal aspects of the information security domain demand a growing slice of attention to maintain business prosperity.

In a newly released white paper titled, “SAP and GDPR: Keeping Your Organization Ahead of the Upcoming EU Law,” we introduce a modern EU regulation coming into effect in May 2018: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As far as high-impact cybersecurity legislation is concerned, GDPR is definitely a law to be reckoned with by companies both in and outside the European Union. With GDPR the European Union attempts to unify previously separate EU member state laws and centralize its enforcement through a body common to all EU member states. It considers these actions necessary to increase the protection of the personal data of its citizens. According to the actual legislation, due to “rapid technological developments and globalisation”, EU citizens are losing track of the whereabouts of their personal data. By complying to GDPR, companies will safeguard this data and the rights of its EU customers.

In our white paper we provide a breakdown of GDPR into basic concepts to increase the understanding of the implications of GDPR for your organization. We assist you in answering the most obvious questions, including whether GDPR applies to your situation, which terms and entities play a role in the regulation and what GDPR will actually require of your organization. 

Apart from the legal components of GDPR, our white paper strives to provide clarity on the issue of GDPR in light of your SAP environment. We present a conceptual model of SAP, from the perspective of GDPR. As such, we offer you a starting point for analyzing your SAP environment to find how personal data enters the environment, where it is stored and how to protect it.

The impact that GDPR will have on the revision of business processes is something grossly underestimated by organizations on both a European and global scale. We acknowledge that moving your SAP environment towards compliance is only part of the challenge. We do believe that our white paper can give you a head start, or, can be used to measure whether the steps you may have already been performing are in the right direction; both concerning SAP and your organization as a whole.

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For further enquiries concerning GDPR and what it will mean for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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