2016 North American Roadshow Series - Coming to a City Near You!

I’m pleased to announce that today we’re kicking off our second annual Onapsis Roadshow series in North America. With all that is going on in the world of SAP cybersecurity, I feel like our roadshows could not have come at a better time.

Since our last roadshow series, we’ve been seeing an expansion on common challenges affecting organizations such as SAP patch management, maintaining system configurations, and the SAP cybersecurity gap. As these challenges are continuing to affect organizations across all industries, a large portion of our agenda this year will focus on addressing the foundation in which they all stem – SAP cybersecurity governance. I’ve said this before and I can’t stress it enough, effectively securing business-critical applications begins with having an operationalized cybersecurity strategy in place. It must be understood that more than just technology is required. As with any security initiative, it takes the right combination of people, process and technology.

To facilitate collaboration on how to best approach these challenges, we’re pleased to announce Scott Crawford, Research Director of Information Security at 451 Ventures as our keynote speaker. In his role at 451 Ventures he leads the coverage of emerging trends, innovation and disruption in the information security market. He is also well known amongst the security industry as an analyst. I believe Scott is the perfect candidate to address steps organizations can begin taking to strengthen their security posture in regards to SAP, and eliminate the gap that exists when it comes to securing these critical applications.

Currently, our roadshows will be hosted in the following cities:

Our roadshow series are specifically designed for security practitioners to collaborate with InfoSec and SAP security industry professionals. These events are tailored to all professionals that have a direct impact on their organization’s security infrastructure including Directors and Vice Presidents of Security, CISO’s, and members of Internal Audit and SAP Security teams. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from their peers, as well as Onapsis customers, about security challenges that have effected their organization’s business-critical application security, and will gain insight to how those issues were overcome, and what can be expected for the future.

Being part of a forward-thinking, vibrant community is the best way to achieve success in a constantly evolving industry such as cybersecurity. We’re looking forward to the many great conversations and collaborations that will take place during the next several weeks. Hope to see you there!

To register for any of our roadshows, please visit: https://onapsis.com/roadshow-2016.