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Upcoming Onapsis Webinar: Top Cybersecurity and Compliance Tips for Salesforce

Upcoming Onapsis Webinar: Top Cybersecurity and Compliance Tips for Salesforce


Top Cybersecurity and Compliance Tips for Salesforce

As more businesses move from on-premises to the cloud, companies lose visibility into the risk of their interconnected systems—and, in an interconnected application environment, one misconfigured system or security vulnerability can put the entire enterprise at risk. This is a trend that will only persist and evolve so it is crucial that your SaaS solutions are protected and compliant.

For many enterprises, Salesforce is the key application supporting customer-facing activity and contains sensitive information that cybercriminals would love to get a hold of. While built-in security features for Salesforce can help your teams control, access and monitor events, these features do not give you the depth and breadth of insight you need to analyze and address risk across your interconnected business processes and applications.

Every cloud has a silver lining. In this webinar, we’ll focus on understanding and analyzing cyber risk within Salesforce and how it affects interconnected business processes. We’ll give you best practices to identify cybersecurity and compliance issues for Salesforce so your core business applications and sensitive data are protected and meet regulations.

Join Onapsis’s Paul Stamp, Vice President of Product and Erica Chean, Director of Product Management, for our March 25 webinar as they discuss:

  • An overview of security and compliance risk for Salesforce and its interconnections with other mission-critical applications
  • Salesforce security and compliance best practices and baselines
  • Automation as key for audit and compliance reporting tasks
  • Monitoring of critical and potentially malicious activity in production

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