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Don’t Be The Weakest Link: Secure Your Manufacturing Supply Chain Applications

Don’t Be The Weakest Link: Secure Your Manufacturing Supply Chain Applications

Vulnerabilities in supply chains have been at the forefront of this summer’s news cycle, from oil and gas pipelines to meat packing plants. Although the various causes of these issues may differ, the impacts are the same—company downtime and lost revenue. In fact, the average cost of a manufacturing data breach is $5M and, on average, it takes more than 200 days to identify and nearly four months to contain.* As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", and protecting the business-critical applications at the heart of the supply chain are an integral part of the prevention. 

However, it is impossible to protect what you cannot see, so visibility into those business-critical applications is key. Having the right technology in place to gain insight into potential threat vectors such as misapplied patches, misconfigurations and over-privileged authorization is the first step to that prevention. Yet, traditional vulnerability management tools aren’t built for the applications tied to supply chain systems.

Onapsis Assess is different. It’s specifically focused on the identification of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in business-critical applications (whether hosted on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid) that drive your supply chain. Our manufacturing customers are using Onapsis Assess, powered by our team of cybersecurity experts, The Onapsis Research Labs. Our team combines in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver security insights and threat intel affecting applications from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and others.

For example, a leading automotive manufacturer leveraged Onapsis Assess to expand its comprehensive cybersecurity program to include their SAP system and ultimately strengthen the system resiliency of their supply chain. The organization gained an enhanced level of visibility into the applications they rely on for their core business operations. This, in turn, enabled them to proactively manage potential risks into the stability and integrity of the applications responsible for driving their business. They shared reports with application teams and business owners, highlighting misconfiguration and code imprecisions that could be exploited in an attack, as well earmarked priority vulnerabilities for further investigation.


Another customer, a global apparel manufacturer, leveraged Onapsis Assess in order to migrate SAP to the cloud securely, without risk to their manufacturing processes. The organization wanted to take advantage of the operational cost savings of the cloud but were concerned about relinquishing control of the operation, maintenance and security of their systems to a third-party IaaS provider. Onapsis Assess enabled them to adopt a ‘trust but verify’ approach, giving them visibility into the cloud environment and ensuring compliance with contractual obligations and their security baselines. 


Read our detailed customer case studies and contact us for a conversation to learn more about how Onapsis helps customers secure the business-critical systems behind their supply chains. 

*Ponemon/IBM 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report  

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