The union of Virtual Forge and Onapsis brings many positive benefits

ERP security is now even more holistically. Learn in our video what makes the merger of the companies so special.



Virtual Forge has a long history of focusing on enabling customers to secure their SAP applications. Onapsis has also traditionally focused on SAP security, as well as security and compliance for Oracle E-Business Suite systems. As a result of the Virtual Forge acquisition, customers now only need to operate a single platform, even if they have other ERP applications in use beyond SAP and Oracle. This reduces the complexity of the security infrastructure, minimizes installation and operating expenses and accelerates the return on investment. 

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Onapsis supplements the analysis tools of Virtual Forge with role-specific monitoring and reporting functions. Virtual Forge enables the detection, remediation and prevention of cyber threats caused by SAP vulnerabilities in system settings, custom code and transports. This gives SAP Basis administration, development and quality assurance the tools they need to reduce cyber risks in their segment. With the monitoring and control functions of Onapsis, decision-makers can be made more responsible for IT security. The tools offer the possibility of measuring all defined test areas and sending the measurement results—together with corresponding assessments and recommendations for action—to a central dashboard.


Together, Onapsis and Virtual Forge achieve a strong regional presence in all time zones. Around the globe, customers can now directly access our service teams for questions and problems. Local support specialists ensure that any malfunctions that occur are resolved quickly, thus ensuring that our security solutions operate as smoothly as possible.

Research Labs

Worldwide, Onapsis is perceived not only as a technology leader, but also as a thought leader. This competitive edge has been achieved largely through the Onapsis Research Labs, where experienced ERP security experts work closely with security teams from SAP and Oracle. Their goal is to research the increasing cyber threats and analyze what threats they pose to ERP systems. Our security experts publish the results in regular reports and blog posts. This gives customers an important tool for identifying threats early on and developing appropriate cybersecurity strategies. 


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