Your journey to cyber resilience begins with a thorough understanding of the current security and risk posture of your SAP® applications. An SAP Business Risk Illustration (BRI) can provide it.


An SAP Business Risk Illustration leverages the Onapsis Business Application Risk Maturity Model to score an organization’s risk maturity on a six-stage scale ranging from healthy to high risk, providing a third-party, independent assessment and validation of SAP health and protection.

Using a software-backed services engagement approach, Onapsis identifies code deficiencies, application vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses. The entire process takes less than one hour.

Upon an initial review, the SAP Business Risk Illustration will identify and prioritize corrective action and remediation, alerting you as to which systems are specifically impacted. The results of the SAP Business Risk Illustration are broken down based on these systems and include an explanation of the business impact for each critical risk found. The data provides information technology and security leaders with a quantitative, actionable framework to inform SAP cybersecurity, compliance and cloud migration initiatives.

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To better understand your current SAP environment 

Gain insight into your business-critical applications—their primary usage and processes, and the key informational assets they manage.

To identify vulnerabilities

Discover where risks and attack surfaces exist within your environment. You’ll get a detailed summary report of existing vulnerabilities found in scanned SAP systems.

To correlate found vulnerabilities to your risk posture

We’ll put the results of vulnerabilities in context to determine the top risks to your business, including a breakdown of how each found vulnerability can be leveraged by an attacker to access scanned systems.

To comprehend impact on compliance

See how vulnerabilities and risk affect your compliance to regulatory mandates specific to your business (SOX, GDPR, PCI-DSS and others).

To receive recommendations for security coverage

We’ll offer remediation suggestions to help you start your journey to cyber resilience.